Ad Server Software

What is Ad Server Software?

Ad Server Software is designed to help marketers manage their advertising campaigns across different marketing channels. It can be used by publishers, advertisers, ad networks, and marketing agencies to more effectively run their campaigns.


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With over 20 years of digital advertising technology experience, AdButler has created a robust platform with a wide range of solutions. AdButler engineers are available to support clients, create custom business logic, interfaces, and workflows. Solutions include: Display Ad Server, Self Serve Market Place, Programmatic Ad Server, Native Ad Server, Video Ad Server, Email Ad Server, Mobile Ad Server, Digital Out of Home Ad Server, API Ad Server, Demand-side platform, Global CDN, and more.

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Voluum allows you to control all your campaigns from one ad tracker. Track, optimize, and automate your advertising with affiliate tracking software recommended by digital marketers from around the globe.

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Funnelytics is used by marketers for mapping funnels, calculating the stats that will make them profitable, and delivering results that are backed by clear, easy-to-read data.

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