Alumni Management System

What is an Alumni Management System?

An Alumni Management System is a web-based application to help universities, schools, and other educational institutions to stay connected with and cultivate ongoing relationships with former students, and help alumni communicate with the institution and other former or current students.


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Graduway provides a beautiful branded platform for institutions to digitally engage their Alumni. The ‘Alumni Network’ empowers alumni, students and supporters of your institution to connect & engage with each other. The heart of real alumni engagement is rooted in offering access to a Willing Network, available on every device, everywhere.

Graduway, with 2,000+ clients, and operating in more than 50 countries, is recognized as the leading provider of alumni networking and mentoring platforms.

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Almabase is the world’s most loved alumni management software. Almabase helps you transform your alumni and donor engagement program to build lifelong relationships. Acquire new donors. Drive event attendance. Increase digital engagement. Inspire new volunteers. Almabase is also the #1 alumni management software for Blackbaud, Salesforce and Ellucian shops. It integrates with several other databases too.

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Unlock the potential of your alumni community with Hivebrite, the most advanced all-in-one solution covering the needs of all your constituents. Alumni Engagement, Donations Management, Mentoring, Career Services… Easy to set up and fully branded to match your colors. Hivebrite is used by more than 450 clients in 50+ countries and has been recently chosen by the most prestigious institutions in the US and in Europe.

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wild apricot

Wild Apricot

Wild Apricot is a complete alumni management system, making it easy for members to stay engaged and connected. Manage contacts, process donations, send out emails, register event attendees, create a website and more. With a self serve design and a user friendly web or mobile interface, you have the freedom to customize every aspect of your alumni network. If you need help at any step of the way, our support team and community of experts are ready to help guide you and share their best practices.

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