Animation Software

What is Animation Software?

Animation Software allows animation artists to generate moving graphics from visual files.

These animations can be 2D, 3D, drawn by hand, or generated from computer graphics.

Animation software has applications among filmmakers, TV producers, or marketers producing commercials, website media, among other promotional materials.





CartoonSmart is an animation learning platform with more than 2,500 lessons in animations, digital illustration, Adobe Animate, iOS development, and more.

CartoonSmart’s subscription plans provide access to tutorials, kits, and game art. Subscription prices are also locked as long as you remain subscribed. Monthly and yearly subs also receive free WordPress hosting to show their artwork portfolios.

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bloop animation

Bloop Animation

Bloop Animation helps students learn animation with their popular courses on animation, short films, and books.

Bloop teaches you how to make animated films along with tips and tricks to the art of animation. Bloop Animation products have been featured on Cartoon Brew, Gizmodo, Mashable, and AV Club. All of Bloop’s courses are backed by a full money back guarantee.

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DemandTec Lifecycle Pricing

Renderforest is known as an all-in-one online branding platform to help individuals and organizations create high-quality animations, logos, slideshows, informational and promotional videos, and more.

Renderforest’s platform enables you to create professional videos in just minutes with their comprehensive selection of 400+ fully customizable video and animation templates.

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Udemy helps connect students with the world’s best instruction on a variety of different subject matters, including drawing, animation, and graphic design.

Udemy currently offer 80,000 courses from 35,000 instructors that are backed by its 30-day full money back guarantee.

Users can search Udemy’s platform for a wide selection of animation and cartoons courses to improve their digital drawing and animation skills.

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Colorcinch, formerly known as, allows users to create a cartoon version of themselves in just one click.

Colorcinch’s other products include FX Cartoonizer, iToon, Image Cartoonizer, Image Cartoonizer Premium, and an iPhone/iPad app. Their premium product provides access to over 250 additional effects and add on items like beards, headphones, and glasses.

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