Content Creation Tools

What are Content Creation Tools?

Content Creation Tools help individuals and businesses produce visual or written content for marketing purposes.

Forms of content can include the written word (e.g., blog posts, white papers, landing page copy), videos, images, infographics, brochures, reports, and more.

These tools often provide functionality to create and manage different types of marketing content.





SEMrush offers solutions for SEO, app store optimization (ASO), pay-per-click (PPC), content ideas, social media, marketing automation tasks, and competitor research.

With SEMrush, marketers can find insights on:

  • domain analytics
  • keyword analytics
  • topic research
  • gap analysis
  • content templates
  • writing assistants
  • lead generation
  • CPC map
  • Traffic Jet (ad automation solution)
  • marketing calendar
  • project dashboards
  • custom reports, and more

SEMrush is trusted by over 6 million marketers worldwide.

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