Cybersecurity Software

What is Cybersecurity Software?

Cybersecurity Software helps organizations protects against intrusion and unauthorized access to data and records that are stored electronically.

Examples of Cybersecurity Software


HoxHunt is a cybersecurity awareness platform.

Instead of preventing or managing attacks directly, the platform simulates phishing, social engineering, and other attacks in order to raise awareness among staff. It also rewards users that report potential security issues.

According to the startup, their solution helps companies reduce phishing attacks by 70%.

Trends in Cybersecurity Software

HoxHunt is part of the Security Awareness Training trend.

Cyber attacks are becoming more frequent (ransomware attacks have increased by 105% over the last two years.)

A growing number of these attacks happen due to human error. In fact, 85% of all data breaches now happen because employees didn’t recognize the scam.

Only around 54% of employees feel empowered by their organization’s security culture. And security awareness programs are emerging as a way to increase this number.

Which explains why this market is forecasted to grow 10x over the next five years.