Data Mapping Software

What is Data Mapping Software?

Data Mapping Software is used to ensure data accuracy when it’s being transformed, migrated, integrated, and warehoused. Before these procedures can occur, it’s important to map the data to ensure source fields match the destination field.

Data mapping software works by designating a data type and target location when data is moved from one server, network, or system to another. On top of that, it ensures that data will move according to any predefined parameters.

Data mapping solutions often show the data graphically to help visualize complex mapping relations.

The most common users of the software are mid-sized to enterprise clients, given the volume of data and information they handle.

The software prevents any losses of data that come from the manipulation and migration of large data sets.

Ultimately, businesses and IT departments use mapping software to enable accurate data analysis and get the most precise and actionable insights possible.

Data mapping software pairings

Data mapping solutions are often paired alongside the following:


Data mapping software features

To fit into the data mapping category, a product should:

  • Define the data being migrated and its configuration in its new location
  • Sample and test data to determine whether the data extraction, transformation, migration, integration, and warehousing was successful
  • Have compatibility with various forms of data