What is Software Blade?

Software Blade is an online resource for both software consumers and vendors to provide information on products and services within the software industry.

We believe that software is one of the great drivers in advancing productivity and helping an increasing number of people globally to live better lives.

The company is committed to helping consumers find the right software for their needs.


Why is Software Blade free?

We have commercial relationships with some of the software vendors mentioned on the site.

This does not cost you anything. For them, it is a form of marketing to get the word out on their software and/or services and its features, benefits, pros and cons. For us, it means we can continue to provide comprehensive, up-to-date, and accurate information that is free for you to use.

We may also serve some ads on the site.


Do you only provide information on vendors that you have relationships with?

No; many of the vendors on the site have no relationship with us and do not compensate us directly or indirectly in any form. We welcome all software vendors to the site, not just those who are interested in forming commercial relationships.

Our goal is to have Software Blade be a complete, objective, and balanced resource that is open to all so readers can make informed decisions.


Who writes long-form reviews?

Many are written internally by members of our team who have first-hand experience with the product.

We also accept external content contributions at our discretion that are objective, balanced, and factual. Articles, reviews, and guides that do not meet these criteria will not be published.


What are the criteria for the reviews?

If you want to write an article on our site for your product or service, we cover the criteria on the following page:

Publishing on Software Blade


How can I contact Software Blade? 

Our email is info@softwareblade.com

We also have a contact form on our Contact Us page to message us from the site directly.