Giveaway Software

What is Giveaway Software?

Giveaway Software is a form of gamification where organizations design, create, launch, distribute, market, and promote giveaway campaigns.

This helps to grow customer loyalty, acquire new leads and customers, and boost sales.

Giveaways are based on targeted incentives and contextual rewards to a representative customer base. They can include discount or extreme discount scenarios and complex reward programs.

This can create a pool of repeat customers, help with word-of-mouth marketing, and/or work with designing lookalike audiences for social media marketing campaigns.

Giveaway software supports different types of promotional campaigns including discount coupons, loyalty and referral programs, gift cards, direct giveaways, cart-level promotions, among others.

Moreover, many tools help with promotional distribution by offering external messaging channels and/or integrating with outside social media and communication networks.