Higher Education Software

What is Higher Education Software?

Higher Education Software refers to various tools used by colleges, universities, and other higher learning institutions, such as school administrative software (SIS), student information systems (SIS), and/or CRM and ERP systems.

The former two in higher educational settings track:

  • Student applications
  • Pre-enrollment and orientation
  • Class enrollment
  • Course scheduling
  • Invoicing and billing
  • Attendance and grading
  • Class credit
  • Graduation requirement
  • Contact information of students and parents/guardians


Higher Education CRM Software

With respect to higher education CRM systems, the goals are to:

  • Identify, attract, and recruit applicants from various pools, groups, and geographies
  • Communicate the school’s competitive positioning and branding
  • Monitor social media conversations and communications
  • Find ways to better meet student needs
  • Strengthen student and alumni relationships
  • Improve fundraising
  • Personalize communications

Higher Education ERP Software

Higher education ERP systems help manage information flows and business workflows at colleges and universities.

These systems play a role in administration, management, operations, and automating components of the student lifecycle.

Higher education ERP tools may include:

  • Application processing
  • Student registration
  • Email and SMS integration
  • Daily scheduling and attendance management
  • Tuitions and fees plans
  • Payments and receipts
  • Alumni database and communications
  • Curriculum and course management
  • Faculty recruitment and management
  • Student information and record keeping
  • Student ID card creation
  • Academic analytics
  • Student portal for enrollment, registration, payments, and document access
  • Diploma, transcript/course records, certificate, and document management
  • Vendor and Inventory management of books, computers, lab equipment, and so on