Horse Racing Handicapping Software

What is Horse Racing Handicapping Software?

Horse Racing Handicapping Software involves predictive analytics in betting on which horse or horses in a race are likely to outperform their respective handicaps.

The handicapping process

In a horse race, each horse carries different betting odds allocated by a handicapper.

These odds are influenced by bettors who move prices around based on their expectations of future outcomes, similar to the discounting process involved in financial markets.

A faster/superior horse is given better odds by the market. The higher odds of winning is counterbalanced by the lower payout if it wins (or gets into a paying position) as dictated by the handicap.

Slower horses are given lower odds by the market. Their lower odds of winning are counterbalanced by the higher payout if it wins (or gets into a paying position).

Predictive analytics is used to help predict which horse or horses are a good value relative to its assigned odds by the market.