Human Resources (HR) Software

What is Human Resources (HR) Software?

HR Software assists companies in accomplishing business processes as it related to recruiting, onboarding, employee management, corporate training and e-learning, payroll, benefits, and performance management and retention.

HR software systems help provide HR professionals with a structured and process-driven approach toward completing and automating tasks in a repeatable and scalable way.

These tools help HR professionals focus less on routine tasks and more on value-additive aspects of their job, such as efficiently onboarding hires, providing training and support, and maintaining employee morale.

Managing the entire employee lifecycle requires ongoing support, data analysis, and information management and updates.

HR encompasses many different responsibilities. As such there are many software solutions related to HR.

These include:


HRMS combines HRIS and HCM functionalities with the addition of labor management.

HRIS includes various HR systems that focus on employee time tracking and attendance, benefits, and payroll.

HCM includes HRIS features while featuring talent management, recruiting, onboarding and offboarding and other aspects of the employee lifecycle.


Types of Human Resources (HR) Software