Influencer Marketing Software

What is Influencer Marketing Software?

Influencer Marketing Software helps businesses identify, reach out to, and communicate with social influencers for marketing campaigns.

Many organizations use influencer marketing software as a way to create and manage marketing campaigns that depend on the use of social media personalities and influencers as representatives of a product or brand.

Influencer marketing systems are designed to locate and manage new and existing brand advocates within a dedicated platform or as part of a broader marketing platform.

Many platforms provide searchable influencer marketplaces that allow companies to filter for good fit based on detailed search criteria. Some can help facilitate the connection between brands and celebrity influencers and athletes for sponsorship opportunities.

These tools can also help with curating user-generated content (by the influencer or to be distributed by the influencer), creating branded marketing material, and tracking the performance of influencer marketing campaigns.

Influencer marketing software is often used in marketing departments that already have well-developed social media marketing strategies in place.

It can complement existing social media marketing strategies, such as automated branding and product advertisements, as well as display advertising.

Brand advocacy products can help convert advocates into social influencers to widen their reach.

It can also help nurture relationships with brand advocates across a variety of platforms and maintain shortlists of potential influencer prospects.

For a product to qualify for inclusion into the Influencer Marketing Software space, it needs to:

  • Provide searchable criteria across social networks or within an influencer network
  • Allow users to filter and segment influencers
  • Facilitate the importing and exporting of influencer data and contact information across channels
  • Provide communication tools by which agencies and marketing departments can communicate with influencers and allows for campaign management
  • Provide impressions, click, lead, sales, and other analytics to help evaluate and visualize individual campaign performance