Innovation Software

What is Innovation Software?

Innovation Software can refer to Workplace Innovation Software or Strategy and Innovation Roadmapping Tools.

Workplace Innovation Software

Workplace Innovation Software refers to collaborative development tools used by managers, employees, developers, and non-developers to generate ideas and solve new and existing business challenges.

Workplace innovation tools are similar to idea management software, which helps with brainstorming, idea grouping, idea funnels, mind mapping and visualization, and workflow customization related to collaborating and categorizing those ideas.

Strategy and Innovation Roadmapping Tools

Strategy and innovation roadmapping provides organizations the ability to map out strategy and execution plans. These can help provide conceptual and visual aid of how business operations play out between teams, ideas, and product and service offerings.

It can be used in a similar way to idea management software, with project management and flowcharting capabilities.

Strategy and innovation roadmapping must categorically provide the following:

  • Ability to map out complex ideas and relationships between teams, ideas, and projects
  • Roadmaps that chart ideas and projects over time
  • Tools to analyze strategies and projects