Intellectual Property (IP) Software

What is Intellectual Property (IP) Software?

Intellectual Property (IP) Software involves the management of copyrights, patents, trademarks, and other forms of intellectual property.

Corporations and law firms utilize IP software suites to manage databases of trademarks. These tools help automate forms and track intellectual property ownership and possible violations to mark off for possible legal response.

Some law firms use IP tools to keep track of client information, opposition filings and license agreements for companies, entrepreneurs, inventors, musicians, artists, designers, and others who patent products or services.

Intellectual property software is commonly integrated in with case management software to more efficiently handle the lifecycle of IP procurement and legal matters related to it.

Digital rights management software relation

Digital rights management software is a form of an intellectual property tool, with a special focus on digital and online products and services.

Special forms

Some IP tools function as filing assistants or as IP, trademark, and patent search engines.

For inclusion into the Intellectual Property (IP) Software category

IP software must involve a combination of the ability to:

  • Manage patents, trademarks, copyright, IP, and the related legal rights associated with them
  • Provide features related to ongoing litigation, legal disputes, or potential enforcement actions regarding clients’ IP
  • Support the IP lifecycle, from filing for new IP claims, renewing contracts, drafting legal agreements, and processing payments from clients