Investment Management Software

What is Investment Management Software?

Investment Management Software helps traders, investors, wealth managers, and financial services institutions make better decisions building, tracking, and managing investments.

Investment management solutions often have built-in communications features to facilitate communication between investors (e.g., Bloomberg Terminal) or between clients and investors.

Features typically include investment accounting, investment tracking, analytics tools, communication tools, report generation, company-related data, macroeconomic data, and more. Data is aggregated and internal tools assembled to support investment analysis and better manage client portfolios.

Investment portfolio management software will typically integrate in with accounting tools if they are not already built-in. They will also integrate in with other web-based sources and applications to import market or economic data.

What qualifies Investment Management Software into this category?

A product needs to:

  • Provide aid in managing various types of financial instruments, such as stocks, bonds and fixed income, currencies and FX exposure, commodities, options, ETFs, mutual funds, and custom financial products
  • Enable the ability to buy and sell financial securities and manage dividend disbursement
  • Offer tools to help with investment analysis, risk exposure (e.g., VaR calculations, stress tests), and portfolio analysis
  • Help identify how certain investment might fit into a portfolio to help improve return or lower/mitigate risk
  • Support data importation from external sources
  • Help with admin tasks, such as records management
  • Support detailed reporting functions (e.g., cash flow, tax scheduling)
  • Offer a client portal


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