IoT Software

What is IoT Software?

IoT Software is used by developers to build applications specifically designed for IoT (“internet of things”) uses.

IoT applications specifically refer to a set of applications that can run over a network with direct human-to-human interactions. Common examples include “smart home” technology. These include sensors, control systems, and various forms of automation where certain devices can interact and control specific ecosystems.

IoT platforms enable users to quickly create, test, deploy, and iterate IoT-related applications. They are similar to low or no-code development software that include WYSIWYG and drag-and-drop features to appeal to non-developers or to speed along the development process.

Once implemented, organizations can connect applications and work to improve the solutions.

Most IoT software will nonetheless require some level of technical competency. Some of the more advanced IoT platforms will require skilled developers.

Some PaaS (platform as a service) products deployed on the cloud may enable the building of IoT-enabled applications.

For inclusion in the IoT Software category, a product should:

  • Enable the ability to deploy connected IoT applications
  • Provide application management tools
  • A dedicated platform to build IoT tools