Job Shop Software

What is Job Shop Software?

Job Shop Software is used by job and machine shops to provide real-time data pertaining to manufacturing and other operations of the business.

Job shop software, in effect, is a limited form of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. It helps with job scheduling, estimations, employee management, marketing, sales, finance and accounting, materials, job accounting, job management, and engineering. Tracking and scheduling tasks can be automated.

It can be part of an ERP system if the shop is one component of a larger company.

Data can also be found with respect to customers, vendors, and the broader supply chain.

These solution help enhance productivity and output, reduce waste, and improve margins.

Job shops and machine shops are manufacturing-intensive and often involve prototyping and single-unit production. Not all jobs can be accomplished using standard manufacturing solutions. This means margins can be small. Customer relationships are essential to obtain repeat business.

Manufacturing resource planning (MRP) systems are often used to help with the scheduling of each customer’s order. Order entry and inventory should be integrated within the MRP solution.