Kanban Software

What is Kanban Software?

Kanban Software helps teams visualize projects and workflows, limits the number of open items, prioritizes “to do” tasks, and tracks project progression and measures performance.

Kanban is a form of project management that applies kanban principles. It’s designed to enhance productivity and reduce or eliminate waste using visualizations of project tasks and workflows.

Kanban project management is common among project managers and is also commonly used by those who need to manage business tasks.

Companies that use the agile project management methodology can benefit from kanban software.

Kanban project management tools have project management and task management features, though they will integrate with other platforms that natively specialize in these matters.

Because of kanban’s focus on efficiency, time tracking software is also an important integration.

Project-based Kanban tools

For inclusion into this category, the product should:

  • Provide kanban boards and cards to track and manage project tasks
  • Project tasks should easily shift between boards
  • Provide work-in-progress (WIP) capabilities
  • Help visualize workflows on tasks and goals
  • Enable agile project management and waterfall tools
  • Allow for easy communication for collaboration on task and project boards


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