Knowledge Base Software

What is Knowledge Base Software?

Knowledge Base Software is used to help users create and manage a support task list (e.g., FAQ list, search database) where users can search through questions and find answers to common queries, often in searchable format.

Software also allows managers to spot common inquiries and therefore generate topic ideas for the support site.

Over time, support agents see the same recurring queries from customers. Referring customers, leads, and prospects to a general knowledge, self-service resource can help answer these questions and free up support time.

Having a resource database is often a better choice than hiring more agents and adding costs to customer support operations.

Having a knowledge base comes with the double benefit of customers no longer needing to contact customer support agents for straightforward inquiries.

This results in lower support agent workload, lower response time for support team members, and ability to maintain customer support costs at a reasonable level.

Video support content, chatbots, and conversational AI platforms are gaining popularity within the “knowledge base” sphere. More products of these functionalities are fitting into the general category.