Knowledge Management Software

What is Knowledge Management Software?

Knowledge Management Software converts data into information that can be used to advance business processes, typically in the realm of customer support.

Knowledge management software collects data in a centralized base, reads it for context, and makes it searchable such that users can find it independently.

Knowledge management tools are similar to knowledge base software. It enables answers to be found to common queries to save support agents’ time and provide a broader resource guide for leads, prospects, and existing customers. This frees up burdens on support agents and can prevent bloat in support operations costs.

Knowledge bases are generally integrated in as part of a website, e.g., a FAQ section, Q&A threads and decision-making trees, or a searchable feature.

Many knowledge management software tools enable you to fit the portal to the brand of the company.

Employees can publish content and customers’ search queries can provide the organization insights into what gaps there might be in the support database. Content can typically be indexed to search engines if desired.