Lead Capture Software

What is Lead Capture Software?

Lead Capture Software helps gather information about what people or businesses have potential interest in your products or services and integrates them into a searchable database.

Leads are captured via marketing through various types of initiatives. It can be through, for example, SEO, traditional advertisements (print, radio, TV), digital ads, email, social media.

The information about these leads may include:

  • First and last name
  • Contact information
  • Source of the lead (e.g., search engine, social media, email)
  • Previous experience with the company


The sources of leads may include, but are not limited to:


The sales team will work to capitalize on this interest by closing deals and selling products or services to targeted leads and customers.

The conversion process that the marketing and sales departments work toward relies on successfully capturing leads.

Lead capture software works to help marketing and sales teams analyze data in order to determine next steps.

Lead capture software features

For inclusion into this category, lead capture software should include:

  • Leads database to store leads data from various marketing efforts in a way that’s readily accessible (e.g., UTM tags or any classification criteria)
  • Import or export data from other marketing and sales platforms
  • Lead forms that prompt visitors to enter contact details, often in exchange for information (e.g., white paper, guide, any value proposition)
  • Support for various platforms (i.e., leads from email, social media, other)
  • Analytics, dashboards, and visual reporting
  • Integrations with other lead management tools