Lead Management Software

What is Lead Management Software?

Lead Management Software provides organizations with an automated way of tracking leads and nurturing them down the sales funnel to become buyers.

CRM systems are broadly thought of as a type of lead management systems. They gather and store information on leads and customers to manage relationships throughout the customer lifecycle.

Lead management software helps businesses to automate how leads flow through the lifecycle from acquisition to conversion in the form of buying products and services or a desired action.

But dedicated lead management platforms can help better determine lead qualification and increase conversions.

CRM systems integrate a combination of both qualified and unqualified leads to be imported from a variety of marketing channels.

Through processes taken by the CRM, such as email outreach, this helps determine what leads are qualified and how to sort, prioritize, and nurture these leads into selling opportunities. Leads can then be distributed and integrated into different commerce channels.

Features of Lead Management Software

Lead management tools often include the following features:

  • Lead capture through forms strategically placed on a website
  • Lead tracking to determine what channels they came in through
  • Lead storage to place leads within a database
  • Lead segmentation of sorting leads based on purchasing power (e.g., geography, previous purchases, professional qualification), industry, age, gender, among other factors to better determine or provide the right product or service fit
  • Lead distribution to give leads to the right person or department within the organization
  • Lead nurturing to deliver relevant content, check the status of, and follow up with leads to strengthen the relationship
  • Lead scoring or the process of evaluation the attributes of those who are most likely to result in a sale or have the best relationship with the business (e.g, NPS score)
  • Lead analytics to determine an overview of marketing and sales results and the appropriate degree of analysis depth to see which leads are converting at the highest rates
  • Campaign analytics to determine which campaigns are converting best
  • Pipeline management to monitor the status of leads and customers and assess all sales opportunities






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