Lease Management Software

What is Lease Management Software?

Lease Management Software helps commercial real estate professionals prepare, store, and analyze important information about leased property and the relevant financial and legal documentation.

Built-in financial tools allow tenant representatives or leasing agents to enable core accounting calculations to be performed automatically. Deal workflows and pipeline management can be streamlined and/or automated.

This enables users to manage lease payments and analyze lease-specific financial information.

Lease management tools also allow for custom alerts and notifications to keep track of important tasks and events, such as lease expirations or filing date requirements.

Lease administration software can also work with real estate portfolio management software to provide property owners with an overview of their real estate assets. It can also supplement the rental management capabilities of property management systems.

Lease administration software features

To be included in the lease administration category, a product should:

  • Ensure that lease data (e.g., terms, type, duration) can be stored
  • Allows users to set notifications and alerts of critical dates and procedures
  • Enable reporting, accounting, budgeting, and financial analysis work to be completed