Legal Case Management Software

What is Legal Case Management Software?

Legal Case Management Software, sometimes simply known as Case Management Software, helps law firms automate day-to-day tasks, track billable hours to their clients, and fulfill scheduling functions.

Legal case management software can be used as a standalone solution or as part of large law practice management platforms.

In these cases, case management software would be used alongside other applications, such as billing, documentation management, and general suites involved in managing a law practice.

Law practice management vs. Case management solutions

Law practice management helps with accounting, reporting, CRM functions, and marketing.

Case management helps with storing sensitive client and case-specific data.

Legal case management software features

Case management software should include the following features:

  • Centralized database with access controls, search functionality, data import/export and storage
  • Client portal to facilitate the secure transfer of client data and case files
  • Conflict checking to check for conflicts of interest and any statutes of limitations to flag any potential issues
  • Task and appointment scheduling
  • Reminders on deadlines and meetings
  • Time tracking
  • To-do list management and staff assignment
  • Integration to online databases, such as LexusNexus or Westlaw, to access legal materials