Legal Document Management Services and Software

What are Legal Document Management Services?

Legal Document Management Services and Document Management Software is used by law firms and attorneys for the secure creation, management, and distribution of legal documents. It helps keep the firm’s internal document needs and external filings on track and in good standing

Legal document management software is distinct from legal practice management software, which encompasses a broader number of tasks, including calendaring, conflict checking, CRM, case management, and other functions.

The general goal of legal document management software is to:

  • Control authorized access to an internal document database to improve the security and confidentiality of important documents
  • Make documents easier to search for, locate, access, and distribute to the right people
  • Manage internal and external documents in one place
  • Enable version control so that changes to documents can be tracked over time
  • Manage document capture via PDF (usually the preferred format), text, and image files
  • Add e-signature functionality to documents when necessary
  • Allow integration with other software tools, such as CRM, court filing, email, among others as needed