Library Automation Software

What is Library Automation Software?

Library Automation Software helps library management systems automate tasks and manage collections.

Broader Library Management Systems help libraries maintain their relationships with their members.

Library software helps librarians keep track of documents inventory, out-on-loan material, and member profiles and subscriptions across relevant locations. Library patrons can also use library management systems to locate, reserve, and check-out books, documents, and/or materials. Library staff helps manage the acquisition and inventory of these materials.

It can be used by public or private libraries as well as within educational institutions.

Library software also can work with digital information databases to enable access to electronic resources.

Some systems integrate in with accounting and financial reporting software to manage payments, past due fees, and other transactions.

Library software features

For inclusion in this category, Library Software should include:

  • A database that stores and manages information on different types of documents, content, and materials (e.g., books, music records, magazines, historical documents) and in different formats (e.g., print, electronic, audio, video)
  • Enable users to find and access certain information through public databases (e.g., LexisNexis)
  • Manage document and portfolio inventory
  • Manage member and patron information regarding profiles, loans, payments, etc.
  • Provide statistics on inventory, loans, fees, lost materials, etc.