What is Live Streaming Software?

Live Streaming Software enables users and organizations to broadcast live event feeds over the internet and engage with their audience in real-time.

Organizations commonly use live streaming software to market company events, promote their products and service, and connect with a target audience.

Live streaming tools help companies in a variety of ways:

  • Creates a sense of urgency: Live streaming’s “in the now” essence helps improve engagement. It can hold attention in the way recordings and archived video, text, and audio mediums don’t. Live streaming features help encourage interactions through Q&A, audience response activities, and more.
  • Improved reach: Videos can be streamed through one’s website, social media platforms, and other video sites at the same time. After completion, recordings are made available and can be shared through different mediums, or to have the content repurposed into other forms (e.g., blog posts).
  • Audience insights: Live streaming software helps provide analytics and other ways to understand your audience, such as traffic statistics, average watch time, geography, age, participation levels, sources (i.e., where they came in from), and more.


Features of Live Streaming Tools

For inclusion in the live streaming software category, the product should provide:

  • Broadcasting in real-time and anywhere an internet connection is available
  • Audience insights and analytics to track viewership and engagement metrics
  • System regulations (i.e., who can view, public/private)
  • Audience engagement via chat, surveys, etc.
  • Ability to stream to various social media channels
  • Recording capabilities to tape for future use or to repurpose the content


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