Load Testing Software

What is Load Testing Software?

Load Testing Software is a performance test to measure how a website, server, or software product can handle particular amounts of traffic and activity.

Load testing software will measure the response to the load pressure. Software development teams will use this software as part of their set of testing protocols to determine how systems can handle the stress of day-to-day usage.

Specifically it can test how high-traffic uses will impact functionality. This could include the release of a new product, holiday or seasonal shopping, or general enterprise-level uses.

Load testing tools are often used in conjunction with with load balancer software. This helps identify any stress points associated with high-impact use and manage them as these stresses occur.

Features of Load Testing Software

To qualify as a load testing tool, the product should:

  • Be ables to test websites, servers, and products
  • Test a variety of stress levels of a website, server, or product to determine how much activity it can handle or up to a level of future intended use
  • Provide reports of what was revealed during testing for improvement or confirmation

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