Log Management Software

What is Log Management Software?

Log Management Software enables IT professionals to create, analyze, store, and monitor events occurring within IT systems such as servers, networks, and individual applications.

Log management software helps create event logs for issue tracking, resolution, auditing, and compliance to identify errors and abnormal events (e.g., unauthorized access to an application).

It helps cut down on potential hacks and security breaches by cybercriminals and the theft of confidential data.

Log management software features

For inclusion into the log management software category, the product should include the following features:

  • Searchable database of entry logs of different systems and devices
  • Entry log tracking and monitoring, including web/email gateways and firewalls
  • Permissioned access gateways so the right employee is tasked on the job needing attention
  • Analysis of system performance, data trends, server outages, and potential security threats
  • Alerts and notifications to be triggered based on predefined rules regarding system performance, data trends, outages, system errors, and potential security threats
  • Data visualization features and dashboards


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