Lost And Found Software

What is Lost And Found Software?

Lost And Found Software helps organizations in the travel, lodging, leisure, and hospitality sectors and other customer-facing businesses identify, store, and return missing property to its owners.

Lost and found software helps create a network of lost and found items such that they can be tracked and returned to their rightful owners when requested.

These tools are useful for businesses that have high levels of foot traffic and high turnover where items are more likely to go missing. These include airports, train terminals, shopping malls, hotels, and large corporations.

Lost and found software helps to efficiently complete tasks that help return lost items to owners by create data entries on lost items, labeling them, and organizing the data.

Some tools offer a database that can be browsed by customers, with search functions and images the help increase the rate at which lost items are returned.

Lost and found software generally replaces more tedious and time-intensive forms of lost and found item tracking, such as manual data entry on spreadsheet software like Excel.

Lost and found software features

For a product to qualify for the category it should:

  • Enable users to label, store, track, and return lost and found items
  • Provide a way to accurately categorize each entry by item type
  • Allow users to track whether lost items have been returned


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