Mac CRM Software

What is Mac CRM software?

Mac CRM Software is a form of software running native on Mac OS that manages customer relationships, information, and life cycles.

Mac CRM software maintains the same functionality as CRM tools run on other operating systems (namely, Windows). These tools allow you to focus on the customer side of your business and maintain contact with your email list, market to them, and respond to any needs that they might have.

CRM software for Mac has picked up as Mac OS has gained market share against Windows.

Many businesses now use Mac devices, such as tablets in point-of-sale (POS) applications, and Mac desktops for everyday working functions. This is especially true for individual, self-employed workers and many small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

However, adoption isn’t just limited to smaller businesses. Apple devices now account for around 90% of new mobile device activations in large enterprises.

Because of Mac’s wider popularity, more enterprise software vendors are developing Apple OS-specific applications, both iOS and OS X.

CRM software is among the most popular for Mac functionality given its importance to most businesses.

Some customer relationship management software is specific to web-based functions or is Mac-based via an application.


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