Maintenance Management Software

What is Maintenance Management Software?

Maintenance Management Software helps service organizations with the scheduling and tracking of maintenance activities. This helps increase operational efficiency and reduce costs associated with upkeep.

Maintenance management software is targeted at companies that have fleets of vehicles and other equipment that require various forms of upkeep. This could include aircraft, construction equipment, delivery vehicles, field service trucks, semi-trucks, or any form of fleet equipment.

These tools can help organization:

  • Easily identify over-utilized and underutilized parts of their fleet
  • Reduce any unnecessary inventory (i.e., inventory control, tracking, and management)
  • Schedule routine maintenance
  • Track equipment and inventory
  • Forecast potential hazards
  • Manage warranties and accident and claim governance
  • Support facility operations
  • Help with vendor and customer interfacing
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)


Users of maintenance management software

Users of maintenance management software commonly include:

  • Service companies
  • Vehicle rental companies
  • Maintenance organization
  • Third party logistics (3PL)
  • Heavy machinery and equipment users
  • Dispatch services with oversight over fleet vehicles and equipment
  • Transportation industry organizations


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