What are No Code Development Platforms?

No Code Development Platforms, sometimes alternatively called Low Code Development Platforms, provide developers with a non-technical development experience to build applications with visual elements and drag-and-drop features instead of traditional coding.

No code development platforms can aid developers with various experience levels in creating various web and mobile applications with a simplified graphic user interface.

This provides developers and non-developers alike the ease to create projects without tedious process of writing code from scratch and dealing with complex development infrastructure.

Accordingly, users can develop (independently or collaboratively), iterate, and deploy applications in a fraction of the time it might take with writing code from the ground up.

No code platforms can take a variety of forms from adding to existing applications to building entirely new types of projects for a variety of use cases.


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ProntoForms is the leader in field-focused low-code application development. Solve issues in your line of business with our drag-and-drop builder that creates apps in minutes. Manage deployment across teams with a few clicks and integrate seamlessly across cloud and FSM systems. Once apps are deployed, leverage analytics to provide business insights that drive decision-making. We’re secure, scalable, and the only field-focused solution in Gartner’s low-code application platform Magic Quadrant.

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