Pet Software

What is Pet Software?

Pet Software helps pet owners, shelters, animal control agencies, and rescues provide for the welfare of their pets and animals.


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FitBark produces smart devices that can be attached to the collar of your pet to monitor its activity levels and other health metrics.

FitBark can monitor the quality of sleep, calories expended, activity level, distances traveled, and general health and behavior 24/7. FitBark is very similar to a canine “Apple Watch,” though it does not tell the time.

It is a quality tech product for pet owners who would like to monitor the activity level of their pets.

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PetCube provides pet software and hardware devices (e.g., cameras) that enable owners to see and interact with their pets from any location.

Owners can even play with their pets through a “chase the laser” game from any location.

PetCube products can be purchased in over 18 countries.

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whistle dog tracker


Whistle provides GPS trackers for your dogs that also come with in-built activity and fitness monitoring. This is useful to many dog owners as your pets enjoy exploring and can easily get lost in an unfamiliar environment.

Whistle’s GPS tracker helps locate them at all times. Additionally, it will help monitor the health and activity levels of your dog. This device has a 20-day battery life, night light, and is encased in waterproof material.

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