Predictive Dialer Software

What is Predictive Dialer Software?

Predictive Dialer Software helps to automate the dialing of groups of phone numbers for various organizational or business purposes. It helps to create and manage leads and sales appointments.

Predictive dialer software can predict the exact moment a customer is free to take a call.

The global predictive dialer software market is $1.03 billion. And is estimated to reach more than $12 billion by 2028 (a CAGR of 37%).

On-premise software currently has the majority of the market share (55%).

However, cloud-based predictive dialer software is expected to have the majority of the market by 2028.

North America accounts for the largest share of this segment (36% of the global market share).

Type of Predictive Dialer Software


Convoso is a cloud-based call center SaaS startup.

Specifically, the software aims to cut downtime costs by automating day-to-day administrative tasks.

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