Professional Deck Design Software

What is Professional Deck Design Software?

Professional Deck Design Software typically refers to a CAD-based building plan software used by contractors and architects for landscape, home, and deck design projects.

Key features typically include photo imaging, proposal creation, and 3D rendering.

Many architectural and deck design software possess basic drag-and-drop features and are customizable from basic design to complex, floor plan and/or full-yard designs to meet all needs associated with designing a property.

Deck design tools enable visualization through a variety of features to complement the design database (e.g., foundations, patios, buildings).

Some software can create price estimates of overall project costs.

Deck Design features

Deck design software typically has the following features:

  • Sharable and editable design templates and visualizations
  • Mobile functionality and apps for field employees staffed on building projects
  • The ability to generate price quotes and estimates for designs and services
  • The capability to track time, expenses, and material costs for each order, worker, and/or job
  • Database with existing images, designs, proposals, 3D renderings with drag-and-drop functionality


Deck design software integrations

Deck design tools often integrate in with accountingbuilding information modeling (BIM)CADcustomer relationship management (CRM), and other packages associated with architecture and building projects.