Public Transportation Software

What is Public Transportation Software?

Public Transportation Software enables fixed-route and individualized transit services to manage their operations, infrastructure, and ensure compliance with public transportation regulations.

Public transit software helps with matters such as:

  • ticketing
  • timetables
  • driver assignment
  • routing and detours
  • passenger safety and security
  • management of on-demand services for passengers with disabilities
  • maintenance of transit vehicles and other infrastructure
  • point of sale (POS) integration with ticketing booths and kiosks (varies by product)

Many public transportation tools provide geolocation tracking to ensure that riders receive real-time data on arrivals and route progress, and administrators receive real-time updates on vehicle status.

More solutions are also including back-office functions, such as accounting and asset management. Some integrate in with software that does.

As mobility as a service (MaaS) gains traction, many solutions will work to serve as fully integrated platform to a city or municipality‘s entire public transportation system.

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