Thryv Software Review | Overview, Features, Pricing

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Thryv is a customer relationship management (CRM) software designed to help small businesses communicate easily with customers, increase their online presence, improve customer relationships, and streamline online payments.

With Thryv, small businesses can easily manage contacts, optimize their marketing campaigns, boost their online presence and reputation, streamline payment processing, and handle appointment bookings.


Thryv Features

Thryv boasts a wide range of small business-friendly features including:

Customer relationship management

With Thryv, you can add detailed customer information to your leads and customer’s list.

You can also give your customers a dedicated and safe portal where they can inbox you, book appointments, make payments, and share documents.

The software will show the source of your lead and help you close the deal.

Customized marketing

The software allows you to create targeted campaigns using their templates and follow up on your campaigns. Clients will have an opportunity to schedule an appointment.

This feature allows you to get detailed analytics of your campaign, success, and conversions.

Customer communication

The customer management software allows you to receive text messages to your dedicated business phone number and handle communication from one place.

The dashboard feature allows you to remain organized, respond fast, and offer a customized reply to your customers. You can set up a reminder to follow up by email or text.

Customer’s appointment and scheduling

Thryv allows you to stay organized as you can sync it with your calendar and create your daily schedule with the online scheduling, and online appointment booking.

You can use Thryv to process payment when booking, during, and after the appointment.

Reputation management

Whenever there are reviews on your business or products on Google, Facebook, or Yelp, you will be notified immediately.

The customized templates from Thryv allows you to automatically request for reviews after invoicing, completing appointment, or processing payment.

You can also compare how your business is performing against four competitors.

Online presence management

Thryv allows you to create a customized and well-optimized website for your business.

When you upload your business details on Thryv, the software will list this information on over 60 listing sites automatically. The call to action button will help increase your sales while the increased online presence will make Google trust your business.

With the customized videos from Thryv, you get custom-built videos, social ads, animated GIFs, social ads, and website background videos.

Document storage and sharing

With this business management software, you can request for documents, store, or share them securely with your customers. If any changes are made to the documents, you can easily track these changes.

If there are private documents that you want to be secured, Thryv allows you to mark the documents as private.

Social media

You can connect Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linked accounts.

You can use Thryv to publish posts from one place.

With a single click of a button, you can publish posts to all your social media accounts. If you are facing a writer’s block, you can benefit from over 525,000 prewritten posts from Thryv.

The software will analyze posts from your competitor, clone them, and help you create your posts.

Sales and payment

With the software, you can easily give an estimate and invoice, making it easier for you to receive payment faster.

Thryv has partnered with the leading payment processors to make it easy for you to receive payment fast and securely.

You can also easily track any overdue amount.

After payment, the system will automatically send a receipt to the customer.



You don’t need to pay anything for the Thryv free trial.

For the paid version, Thryv will send a customized quote. You can request a quote from the vendor.


Pros and cons of Thryv

Benefits and drawbacks of Thryv:


  • Helps you increase sales
  • Organize all your prospect information well
  • Improves your email and text marketing campaigns
  • Enables you to analyze your marketing campaigns and their effectiveness
  • Enables your prospects and customers to book appointments easily and conveniently
  • Improves your online reputation
  • Free demo


  • There are many options to choose from at first, and is a lot to digest when first starting out on the platform. Your account manager will be of great help in the beginning should you have questions.



If you have a small business, it will only grow if it’s reaching out to the right prospects and customers. In other words, you need to collect as much information as you can from your prospects. You will need to understand their needs and preferences more.

You will also need to make it easy for them to reach you fast. If they need a product, they should be able to order and make payments easily.

There aren’t many tools out there that will enable your customers to do all these things in one stop. Fortunately, Thryv is there to help you do that.

This software allows you to collect and neatly organize your customer data. It also makes it easy for your prospects to message you, order items, and make payment.

If you are a small business owner, you can benefit from Thryv.


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