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Trade Ideas Review 2024

trade ideas review


Trade Ideas Review Summary

– Available as either downloaded software or in a lighter web version, Trade Ideas is a top-notch scanning program that has the potential to revolutionize how you strategize, analyze and trade the financial markets.

– By compiling huge amounts of data using an advanced AI system, Trade Ideas approaches information synthesizing like no other.

Trade Ideas offers a variety of services that lets you mix and match how you digest info.


trade ideas ai stock scanner

Trade Ideas Overview

With so many different ways of accruing information about investing, navigating the web can be confusing and exhausting.

And, at times, expensive: it’s easy to accrue subscriptions for financial publications, stock market trackers, and many more. Not to mention the time it takes.  When information is spread far and wide, one’s attention is spread thin as well.

It’s especially easy to burn time and energy looking for those under-heralded stocks—the market’s best kept secrets. Of all the stocks moving each day, only so many are worth your time and money.

That’s why looking for a stock scanner can be the perfect way to bolster your own research.  We decided to dive in to what Trade Ideas, a premier AI powered scanner, to evaluate the service and provide our feedback.

Trade Ideas inputs include fundamental, technical, and non-structured data sets, such as news and social media.

Depending on what caliber of service you choose, Trade Ideas can cost $2.90 per day for the Standard Yearly Plan or $6.20 a day for the Premium Yearly Plan.

We’ll take a quick survey of the many features Trade Ideas offers and then list the pros and cons of the service.


Products and Services

—Pre-programmed Scans

One of the first things you’ll notice on Trade Ideas is a variety of pre-built scans. What they search for varies greatly, but this is where Trade-Ideas shows its impact.

You can instantly click on Social Media, for example, to get a look into which social media stock is moving where. This will help you keep an eye on big movers in any sector, or to zoom in on specific sectors you’re interested in. It’s also the perfect newcomer introduction.

For more experienced Trade Ideas users, there’s an option to build their own scans. By compiling your own data sets, you can find a level of exactitude and speed that’s impossible to meet otherwise.

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Need help? Ask away. Have ideas? Flesh them out. Manned from 9-3 EST most weekdays, the Trade Ideas community is ready to chat about that day’s market twists and turns.


Premium subscribers are able to backtest their strategies by running the numbers through Trade Ideas advanced probability simulator. The best part of this is how it visualizes the data—a cleaner presentation than the normal Trade Ideas layout.


Want charts organized in one place? Depending on your subscription you can either have 10 or 20 charts organized to the left of the main screen, allowing you to track specific stocks and their tendencies. This is a good way to add extra data beyond your scans, neatly tiled off to the side.

trade ideas charts



—Time saving

The amount of data you get compiled for you by Trade Ideas is pretty astounding. It would be virtually impossible for any person to digest data at this rate. This frees you up to trade smarter, better, and faster.

—Odds making

A huge feature for people who want to experiment with new strategies or avant-garde approaches to trading. Get ahead of wild ideas without risking your bank.

—AI Features

The Holly AI function allows for quick updates and easy-to-follow data.



—Layout and design can a bit non-intuitive

We don’t need our stock interfaces to look like fine art, but Trade Ideas can take some time to get used to due to the layout. Any trader opening Trade Ideas for the first time might be overwhelmed. But, once one gets past the complicated layout, things become clearer. In some ways, learning Trade Ideas feels a bit like learning a new instrument.

—New integration

While the service provides headlines, it’s disconnected from proper news updates.



Our Trade Ideas review found that the product realistically creates actionable market intelligence for traders, institutions, advisors, and self-directed investors to capture alpha and mitigate risk.

As a SaaS fintech innovator over the past 16 years, Trade Ideas derives and leverages algorithms from artificial intelligence and recursive machine learning technology to identify trade opportunities across financial markets and to produce statistically optimized trading results. The Trade Ideas client base spans globally, with over 8,000 clients across the US, Canada, Europe, and China.

While Trade Ideas involves a bit of a learning curve, especially if you’re new to trading, it’s a valuable asset for anyone looking to leverage the intelligence of established fintech services in their portfolio and stay ahead of market trends. A solid five stars for anyone who’s serious about trading.


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