Virtual Private Network (VPN) Software

What is Virtual Private Network (VPN) Software?

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Software helps users connect to secure, private networks.

Organizations often use VPNs to help increase security or control user assess to sensitive information and data. Companies with large numbers of users accessing their network remotely will help ensure that no user has unauthorized access to data or confidential material.

VPNs can help set up gated, internal networks. Individuals commonly use them to encrypt certain data and secure networks.

Employees can connect to their VPN at airports, libraries, hotels, and in other public settings to prevent hacks and cybercriminals from accessing sensitive company data.

VPNs also encrypt IP addresses, form connections between devices, conceal locations, and route connections to secure network through tunneling protocols. They commonly contain firewalls to block hack attempts, viruses, malware, and other threats.

Network security solutions often provide VPNs, but offer additional security and functionality beyond a standalone VPN.

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