Botto: This Art Robot Made its First $1 Million at Auction

botto art robot

Yesterday, we talked about how robots can now reproduce. Well, it turns out that they can also make money.

Meet Botto, a robot who creates art and sells art as NFTs.

Botto has been on the market for five weeks and has already earned over one million euros from its artworks.

This AI system has a Twitter account as well. Botto posts 350 images on its profile each week and asks users to vote for their favorites. The winning image is then auctioned off as an NFT.

Botto’s creators, a group of engineers and artists, take all proceeds and invest them in Botto tokens. Talk about thinking fully in Web 3.0 terms.

If all of this is way over your head, welcome to Web 3.0. Botto has won the NFT-NYC annual awards for “Best Use of AI for Digital Art.” It will also take part in the Flagler Street Art Festival, which takes place from November 30 to December 5th.

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