What’s cooler than flying cars? Flying motorcycles

Flying motorcycles are starting to become a reality. Uh, maybe, in time. (At least more real than the Teslabot, FSD, and other Muskian fantasies.)

This cool-looking flying motorcycle just passed its flight test. The bad boy is expected to potentially be commercially available in 2023, according to Jetpack Aviation, the company behind it.

This will enable riders to travel high above the city, avoiding traffic congestion.

Will flying motorcycles need a pilot license?

Yes, you usually need this type of license for things that, well, fly. However, the manufacturer of this motorcycle hopes to have an “ultralight” version that requires no license.

Whether or not that will fly with regulators is a different story…

You need a pilot budget though

This flying motorcycle will be priced at around $381,000.

So at the end of the day, it is your choice: do you want 3 Ferraris or a flying motorcycle?

Or maybe a boat plane?

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