Top 3 Best ICO to PNG Converter

ICO file extensions point out a picture file format that supports small-size computer icon pictures on Microsoft Windows. This file format is capable to contain one or more small images of multiple sizes and color depths. Although, the ICO icon file format only supports Windows OS and doesn’t open on other devices or programs.

Therefore, it’s crucial to transform the ICO image into a regular file format that supports all the platforms. Converting ICO to PNG image format from the source of is the best solution since it is available or open to all the supported devices. Listed below are the well-known ICO to PNG converter programs that are specially used to convert ICO to PNG for hassle-free and precise. 

1. Convertsimple: 

This online ICO file to PNG file converter is a free, simple, fast tool that is particularly designed to turn ICO into PNG without using the watermarks feature. You can convert your ICO files in bulk while never having to worry about your files’ protection. mainly focused on your file’s privacy. You can adjust what kind of file you want to convert your ICO files to by changing the Convert option. No email address is required to do conversions. 

How to change ICO to PNG file with convertsimple?

  • Step #1: Just upload your ICO files by dragging and dropping them into the toolbox, or by clicking 

“Select Files” to Convert.

  • Step #2: Now select the output format such as PNG 
  • Step #3: After that, click the Convert button to start the ICO to PNG conversion.
  • Step #4: Finally, you can download the converted files separately or click “Download All” to download a ZIP file.

2. Freeconvert:

This high interference-free online ICO to PNG converter helps to convert ICO to PNG image format with no quality loss. This enables you to upload the ICO file and then click the convert button to save your new PNG files. With this online converter, you can also transform multiple ICO files into PNG files smoothly. It allows you to select the ICO file from the device, Dropbox, or Google Drive, and also enter the URL of the image that you want to convert. 

How to Convert ICO to PNG online with freeconvert?

  • Step #1: You have to click the “Choose Files” button to select your ICO files.
  • Step #2: After right that, click the “Convert to PNG” button to begin the conversion.
  • Step #3: Once the conversion process is done, click the “Download PNG” button

3. The online converter: 

With this online conversion program, your ICO icon files can be converted to PNG (Portable Network Graphic) files anytime you want. You have to add the ICO files into the designated area of the ICO to PNG converter online and save ICO as PNG to your desired location. This full-fledged online tool takes care of your files since your files are removed automatically from the server at once. If you have multiple files and want to convert them to PNG format at a time, this online tool is the best source to make batch conversions. You can use it freely as there is no additional installation to run it. The best thing about this web-based application is that it supports all operating devices or programs.  

How to Convert ICO to PNG Online?

  • Step 1: You can use the drag and drop feature, or click on the upload area to add the ICO files that you need to turn into a PNG file format.
  • Step 2: Your ICO image file will go into a queue, you just need to press a “Convert” button
  • Step 3: Once your ICO file will be converted to a PNG image, you can save it by simply clicking a “Download” button

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