RAD-TTS Text-to-Speech Tool: You can text-to-your-friend’s-voice

NVIDIA has some pretty impressive AI technology. One of them is called RAD-TTS, a text-to-speech tool.

Here’s how it works: To begin, you feed the AI audio recordings of the person whose voice you want it to sound like. Then, you type in what you want the program to say with that voice, and voila!

The AI begins to speak exactly like that person.

Talk about taking creepy to a new level…

There are many potential applications for this technology.

Someone’s voice could be “hired” and used in a commercial.

You could create a movie trailer without spending money on a voice actor.

You could even feed the AI some Luke Skywalker recordings and create your own fan-made Star Wars mini-movie.

You’ve been given the tools; use them wisely. And may the Force be with you…the AI Force that is.

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