Better than a self-driving car: Self-driving pony

The future of vehicles doesn’t come with steering wheels. It comes on four legs, in the form of a self-driving pony.

XPeng, a Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer, decided to add another intriguing vehicle to their lineup: a robotic unicorn (although it looks more like a pony to us).

The unicorn is capable of recognizing and tracking objects, as well as navigating various terrains and environments.

Will I be able to ride on it?

Yes, as long as you’re roughly under the age of nine.

The prototype is only big enough to accommodate children at the moment. Hopefully, XPeng can scale this (if it does hit production lines) so that adults can enjoy the experience, too.

In the future

We predict that office geeks will be the first to get a hold of this, earning them The Company’s #1 Cool-But-Annoying Person badge.

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