Top Selling Software Categories

Top Selling Software Categories of 2021

top selling software

Below are the top selling software categories we’ve seen in 2021.

1. CRM Software

CRM continues to be the general top selling category.

Naturally, customer relationship management is frequently listed among the top goals of any organization.

2. Project Management Software

All organizations have projects in some form, whether it’s developing content to generate traffic and sell ads for other businesses or creating their own products and services.

Project management tools helps businesses keep team members on track to completing and managing projects.

3. Accounting Software

Tracking finances are critical for tax purposes and general understanding of the progress and efficiency of a business.

4. Expense Management Software

All entities, from households to corporations to governments, need to track and manage expenses to know where it’s going and the ROI being produced on their spending.

5. Video and Web Conferencing Software

With the rise in remote work, video conferencing software has become among the most popularly searched for categories.

6. E-Commerce Platforms

More sales are going online. By 2040, about 95 percent of all purchases could come from online channels. More brick-and-mortar businesses are developing e-commerce channels and some businesses are selling exclusively online.

7. Backup Software

The need for security and easy retrieval of sensitive information continues to increase as both individuals and businesses see the breadth and/or complexity of their electronic presence increase.

8. Marketing Automation Software

Marketing is a critical piece of any business’s puzzle. It’s not enough alone to have a great product or service if the word doesn’t get out that it exists and can do what it does.

On top of that, many marketing tasks, like social media posting, email and outreach, and media buying consume ample resources. Automation helps enhance productivity and allows workers to focus on more value-additive tasks.

9. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems

ERP software helps integrate all departments and business operations into one system to enhance transparency and connectivity.

10. Web Hosting Platforms

Hosting services continue to rise as more businesses go online and increase their number of web properties, and as more individuals establish an online presence on their own channels.

Hosting includes web and managed hosting, domain registration, virtual private servers (VPS), and content delivery networks (CDN).



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    1. HR category see huge demand, especially given its role in large enterprises.

      By itself, it does get diluted a bit given a lot of that demand funnels into subcategories like benefits administration, payroll, job boards, ATS, and so on.

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