Businesses in the UK ask the government to release prisoners due to… labor shortages?

You know you’re really facing a real labor shortage when you beg your government to use prisoners as your employees.

This is what’s happening in the United Kingdom, where food delivery companies have asked ministers to use inmates to fill vacant positions.

The reason for the shortage: Brexit. Also, who wants to work as a waiter or secretary these days when there is an opportunity to be TikTok famous or try to win the big bucks with crypto or Gamestop and AMC stock?

How it’ll work: The companies are hoping to enroll more inmates via a scheme that allows the prisoners to undertake paid work on “day release.”

Some Brits have joked that this is the start of the powder gangs.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Justice, on the other hand, believes that “helping prisoners find jobs during their sentence and after release makes it much less likely that they will re-offend.”

We foresee that this could go one of two ways: One version is a win-win for everyone. The other version may start a new round of emigration.

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