Backwards 3 – How to Type “Ɛ” [EASY]

Backwards 3: How to Type "Ɛ" [EASY]

If you’re looking for how to type the Backwards 3 “Ɛ” symbol on your phone, computer, smartphone, tablet, or other internet-connected device, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll show you how to use the backward 3 character on different devices and operating systems, whether that be a phone (Android, iPhone), Windows PC, or Mac.

The backwards 3 is also commonly called a reverse 3, inverted 3, or flipped 3.

What is Backwards 3?

The backward 3 is a symbol that looks much like the reverse letter “E” or a reverse number 3.

It is sometimes called an inverted 3, flipped 3, 3 flipped, or flipping the 3.

In the Greek alphabet, it is known as epsilon, Ɛ.

Today, it’s primarily used on social media sites where people will use it to mean the heart or love symbol as part their status or a chat they’re engaged in.

The Ɛ is typically used with a “greater than” > sign to complete the heart:


You can also use a normal 3 and use it alongside a “less than” < sign to form a heart:


That way you don’t have to think about a backwards 3 / Ɛ symbol.

The reverse 3 can be made on different social media platforms that support the ability to use it.

Overall, it’s basically a different type of love emoji.

Some prefer using the more organic version of emojis so they prefer combining a 3 or Ɛ with a < or > sign to complete it.

Backward 3 in academic disciplines (math or physics)

You may have seen the backwards 3 in math or physics class.

The mirrored 3 in this case is the Greek epsilon symbol, Ɛ.

Greek letters are commonly used as variables in equations. Students often have to solve what it is, or the letter is used to denote a certain quantity.

What epsilon, Ɛ, is will depend on the equation or notation being used.

The regular epsilon, ε, is commonly used as an “error term” in regression or statistics.

It’s commonly used to show a small, positive number.

∈, or the variant epsilon, is used in set theory. In this case, it means “belongs to” or “is in the set of”: x ∈ X.

Variant epsilon may also indicate the range of a parameter: x ∈ [0, 1]

“x ∉ ∅” denotes “the element x doesn’t belong to the empty set.”

How can I type the Backwards 3 symbol?

Typing Ɛ can be hard on most phones and devices.

Below we will cover how to type this symbol on different phones, computers, devices, and operating systems.

Type Backwards 3 (Ɛ) on Smartphone and PC

Most smartphones don’t support the backwards 3, no matter if Android or iOS.

But there’s a really easy.

You will need to copy of “Ɛ” symbol and combined it with”>”.

You can do this by going to the “Symbol” section on your mobile phone’s keyboard.

After combining both of the symbols, you can use them as Ɛ>

An easy way is to simply copy it from here:


Then you can use it wherever you’d like.

You can also type the backward 3 symbols on your computer or PC this same way.

Alternatively, you can use the Alt Code below.

Backwards 3 Alt Code for PC

If you’re looking for the backwards 3 Alt code, we’ve got it below.

Do the following on your PC keyboard:

Type 0190, then press ALT-X

This will convert it into reverse E or “Ɛ” symbol.

To do this, you can open a blank document in Microsoft Word or find some space in an existing one.

Backwards 3 Copy-Paste

You can always simply copy-paste the backwards 3 symbol from anywhere it appears in this article.

If there weren’t already enough example we have another one below 🙂


Other ways to type the Backwards 3

Another way is to open a MS Word document

1) Use Arial or Times New Roman font

2) Click on the Insert tab at the top of the document

3) Click on symbols

4) Scroll up and down to find a similar symbol to the backward 3 or epsilon, Ɛ

Then you’ll be able to type it.

Backward 3 on Mac

Doing the backward 3 on a Mac is harder given you’re not able to do the 0190 plus ALT+X feature like you can do on a PC.

But there is a trick you can do.

It involves Google Docs.

1) Open Google Docs at

2) Click on the Insert tab at the top of the document

3) Click on the special symbol option (it’ll cause a new window to open up)

4) Look for the backward 3 / epsilon / Ɛ symbol from the available list. There are a huge number of symbols to choose from, so you might have to look a bit. Once you’re able to find it, you should be able to type it and use it on your screen.

Backward 3 on Android

It’s not easy on Android, as Android doesn’t have the inverse 3 character on its list of symbols.

In this case, it’s easiest to simply copy-paste it:


Backward 3 on iPhone

What’s true for Android is true for iPhone.

Apple doesn’t have the flipped 3 symbol on its symbols options.

Copy-paste works best:



There are lots of ways to type a reverse / flipped / inverted / backward 3

If you’re trying to find how to make a backwards 3, send “Heart” emoji like symbols, <3 or Ɛ>, you can use our guide to copy Backwards 3 (Ɛ) no matter which smartphone, computer, tablet, device, or operating system you’re on.

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