Market Research Software

What is Market Research Software?

Market Research Software enables organizations to recruit, survey, research, analyze data, and report on their findings.

Market researchers analyze market activity to deliver market insights and new perspectives to their clients or internally within their organizations. Insights are shown via reports, white papers, infographics, and other forms of deliverables.





SEMrush offers solutions for market research, SEO, app store optimization (ASO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), content, social media, marketing automation tasks, and competitor research.

With SEMrush, marketers can find insights on:

  • domain analytics
  • keyword analytics
  • topic research
  • gap analysis
  • content templates
  • writing assistants
  • lead generation
  • CPC map
  • Traffic Jet (ad automation solution)
  • marketing calendar
  • project dashboards
  • custom reports, and more

SEMrush is trusted by over 6,000,000 marketers worldwide.

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