4+ Best Questions to Ask Your Customers [Expert Tips]

4+ Best Questions to Ask Your Customers

Your customers are a treasure trove of information.

It’s why many brands often conduct interviews with existing customers to gather valuable insights and identify ways they can improve.

To get insightful answers, you have to ask insightful questions.

How do you know which questions unlock growth?

Here are the most interesting ones…

Customer goals

To explore customer goals and their struggles and motivations to purchase, ask:

  • When you decided to try [Product] was there a problem you were trying to solve?
  • Knowing you wanted to [above answer], why did you choose [Product] above others?

Pain points

To understand pains and the issues with previous solutions, ask:

  • What have you been using before [Product] to get the job done?
  • Why did you start looking for something new?
  • What was your biggest problem with the [Old Solution]?

Trigger events

To uncover trigger events and when or how they realized they have a problem ask:

  • When did you have the first thought that you might need something new?
  • What was going on that triggered the thought? Can you describe it?
  • What happened afterward? Did you immediately start looking for new solutions?

Value proposition

To identify your value proposition and why they chose your product and not a competitor’s, ask:

  • If you had to narrow it down, what was the #1 reason you decided to try [Product]?
  • Where would you typically go when looking for info about [Product/Topic]?
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